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FAQs - Booking Chiang Rai flights

  • How long is the flight to Chiang Rai?

    Flights from Bangkok 1h 0m (699.17 km or 434.44 Miles)

    Flights from Phuket 1h 53m (1321.7 km or 821.27 Miles)

    Flights from Udon Thani 36 min (417.29 km or 259.29 Miles)

    Flights from Hat Yai 2h 4m (1441.38 km or 895.63 Miles)

  • What is the closest airport to central Chiang Rai?

    The nearest airport to Chiang Rai center is Chiang Rai International Airport which is 24.64 km away or 21 min drive.

  • What is the cheapest flight to Chiang Rai?

    The cheapest fare to Chiang Rai is from Phuket which is $1 US for a round-trip flight as found on 27 July, 2024.