My booking
  • Do Vietjet tickets include allowance checked baggage?

    Depend on the ticket class, allowance checked baggage is included or not:
    - SkyBoss ticket: including allowance checked baggage is 30 kgs.
    - Other tickets (Promo & Eco): Not include allowance checked baggage.
    You can purchase extra checked baggage directly on our website or can send us request by email.

  • Can I get refund and change a ticket if purchased promo fare?

    No refund, no cancellation will applicable for Vietjet's airfares. For promo fares, you can make a date, itinerary change (fee charge occurred) 3hours before departure time, but no name change allowed. You can check out the details of fare conditions on our website.

  • My baby is 1 year old, do I need to buy a ticket for her?

    Infants from 14 days of age to under 24 months shall be charged fee which is public on website and seated with adult and infant sits on an adult's lap.

  • How can I have a receipt after completing my flight?

    If you need a receipt to claim for your travel expenses, you can send us an email with necessary information, so, our customer service can help to issue a receipt/ invoices.

  • How to offer airfares for children?

    A child under 24 months old (according to date of birth) will be charged fee which is public on website and seated with adult. A child over 24 months old (according to date of birth) will be charged as same as adult and occupy own seat.

  • I purchased a ticket but not flying, how can I get refund?

    We regret to inform that no refund, no cancellation will be applicable. However, you can make a name, date, itinerary change (fee charge occurred) 3 hours prior to estimated departure time

  • I have a round-trip ticket but unused one-way segment, am I eligible for return segment?

    If you do not use one-way segment, the return segment is still valid. But, please note that you will not be able to receive refund for the first segment.

Online booking
  • If purchased ticket on your website, how can I change a booking, itinerary?

    To change a booking, itinerary that purchased on our website, you can send us an email with your booking number or confirmation code & then let us know the new flight date or time you want to change. Our customer service staff will check & inform you back the result. The terms and conditions of fare will be applicable for the booking and itinerary change.

  • How can I receive a ticket once I made payment on your website?

    After you made payment successfully on our website, we will send an email with booking number, confirmation number & e-tickets to email address that has been registered and provided by passenger. Make sure that you input correct email address, so we can send to you. If you are unable to receive an email of itinerary confirmation and electronic ticket, please kindly check your junk or spam box also, or you can contact our customer service officer by email or telephone for assistance.

  • How can I choose the best price of ticket on your website?

    While seeking for the flights on our website, the system will display the lowest price of available seat to be chosen. Please check out details related to types of airfare, terms and conditions.

  • What should I do if purchasing more than 10 persons of one booking?

    If you have a group of more than 10 passengers, you need to divide your group to ensure that you can book, purchase on our website with maximum of 9 passengers per booking. If you need assistance, you can send us an email, so, we can book on your behalf.

  • How many persons of one booking can I book, purchase ticket on your website?

    You can book, purchase ticket of 9 persons in maximum 9 (a child under 2 years old excluded) for one booking.

  • Can I book, purchase ticket on your website for a child under 2 years old?

    You can book, purchase ticket for a child under 2 years old who seated with adult. If you need any further assistance, please kindly contact us by email or telephone.

  • How long can I book, purchase ticket on your website in advance?

    It's recommended that you should plan your trip & purchase your tickets in advance to secure good seats & best prices. You can book, purchase on our website 1day prior to departure time. You're required to make payment immediately to confirm your booking with us.

  • Which flights can I book and purchase ticket on your website?

    You can book, purchase all domestic and international flights displayed on our search box. Just need to select your start, favorite destination & do the search for flight schedules.

  • How can I book a flight on your website?

    Clients can follow our these steps below to make your booking:
    Step 1. Select your trip type: One-way or round trip. Indicate the departure and destination cities, travel dates and number of people: infants, children or adults. Click on the “Search” button.
    Step 2. Select your flight(s) time & fare types by clicking on “Book” button.
    Step 3. In this screen you must check the information about your selected flight(s): route, departure and arrival times, date, flight number, plane type and detailed information about the fare option. Click on "Continue”.
    Step 4. Fill in a booking form and confirm the passenger's information.
    Step 5. Accept the “Terms & Conditions” related to the booking policy. Click on "Continue".
    Step 6. Choose the payment method, enter the requested information and click “Pay”

  • Passengers made online payment for ticket and being charged more than once, how to solve this issue?

    Please kindly note that our ticket price is listed in United States Dollars (USD), your bank may charge a conversion fee from your currency to USD. Please kindly contact your issuer bank for further information in this case. If you're charged twice for the booking made, you can contact our customer service for further checking & refund.

  • Which reasons of being failed to book ticket and make online payment?

    The unsuccessful payment could be many reasons. Please refer to following information:
    - Unregistered online payment option (for Visa card, Master card, JCB and Union Pay)
    - Payment option limited / payment balance regulated by bank
    - Incorrect card information input
    To find reasons, please contact bank of issuing card

  • I made payment for ticket by credit card but failed, what should I do?

    Please check input information of card number, expiry date, Security code (CSC,CVV,CVC), credit limit (daily or monthly) or ensure that your card has been registered for verify by visa or master card secure code program. If failed, please contact your issuer bank to get assistance.

  • How can I make payment for ticket and add-on services?

    We provide different payment methods for both customers inside and outside of Vietnam, including credit/debit cards (Visa, Master, JCB & Union Pay), cash, and bank transfer. For credit/debit cards, customers can purchase directly on our website or request us to send a secure link to pay after ticket availability is confirmed via phone or email. We are not be responsible for any fees which may be levied by the issuing bank while purchasing tickets on our website.

Contact us
  • I want to send my comment, how can I do?

    Your comments are very valuable to us to improve our service quality, so, please feel free to leave us your message on our Contact Us Form link at the bottom of our website or send email to Our feedback will be in 01 working day.

  • How can I do to book ticket for 10 persons or more?

    You can divide your group under 9 & book directly on our website or else, you can send us the booking information to our email address:

  • How can I contact you?

    At the bottom of the page you will find the Contact Us link. If you click on this link then you will find all the different ways you can contact us. Please select your preferred way.

Irregular Operation
  • I fly a domestic flight with Vietjet, but, the flight was delayed & I can not catch my international flight with other airlines. Do you compensate for me?

    Vietjet is strictly a point-to-point carrier and hold no responsibility for connecting flights under any circumstance, even if passengers fail to board such flights. We're so sorry for this delay affected to your connection & we can not compensate to your any other expenses.

  • I fly with Vietjet, but my flight is cancelled, How can I be supported by Vietjet?

    In case of your flight is cancelled, Vietjet will offer supporting solutions to passengers can choose as below:
    - Move to closest flight (if flight is available).
    - Move to available flights with same segment, but no before or after 72h from schedule departure time.
    - Move to equivalent segment, that passenger can approach to their destination.

  • I fly with Vietjet, but my flight is delayed, can I be supported or compensated by Vietjet?

    Depending on the specific case, specific time of change, Vietjet will have the supporting solutions or compensation in accordance with Vietjet policies as well as regulation of Ministry of Transportation.

  • Has Vietjet flight schedule changed after the publication? Why?

    The flight schedule can be changed after the publication due to many reasons such as: bad weather, technical check, security, e.g... Thus we ask you to provide accurate contact number and email address that will help us quickly to update information about flight schedule and other relevant information in case of necessary.

  • If I fogot my hand baggage on board of the aircraft, whom I would contact with?

    As soon as detecting that your hand baggage was missed or forgot on the aircraft, please contact with staffs at Lost and Found counter for supporting.

  • If my hand baggage is lost, will I get any compensation

    Hand baggage is personal property and self-preservation by passenger during flight. Vietjet will not compensate for hand baggage.

  • If my checked baggage is lost, will I get any compensation?

    After identifying your checked baggage was lost, Vietjet will compensate by following Vietjet's regulation.

  • In case of my checked baggages were lost, how can I claim for them?

    As soon as detecting that your checked baggage was missed, please contact with Lost and Found counter at the airport immediately. Airport's staff will take note information and instruct you the procedures to get your baggage back.

  • Are liquids permitted in my checked baggage?

    Yes, provided that such liquids are safety and reasonable packed.

  • Could I carry liquids that are bought at duty free shop on board (such as beer, alcohol,e.g.)?

    You can carry the liquids which are bought at duty free shop on board provided that the containers for any liquids carried on board in hand baggage must be carried in a separate, clear-plastic, zip-top or re-sealable bag; the bag must not have a capacity exceeding 1 liter.
    Note: the total weight of hand baggage is 07kgs, including duty free items.

  • Which items passengers be not allowed to carry on-board?

    The following items which in a passenger’s possession may be considered as weapons or dangerous objects and are not accepted as carry-on luggage:
    - All knives, including hunting knives and others;
    - Swords;
    - Bludgeons, blackjacks, billy clubs or similar instruments;
    - Any other device or object not commonly viewed as dangerous, but the possession of which suggests that it may be used as a weapon, namely, ice picks, straight (cut-throat) razors, long-blade scissors, etc.

  • How many pieces or kilograms of allowance baggage can I carry on-board?

    Passengers (except children aged under 02 years old), are allowed to carry one main piece and one small item with the maximum total weight of seven (7) kilograms on board. The main piece must be not exceed 56cm x 36cm x 23cm in dimensions.
    - Hand baggage must be able to be fitted under seats or in on-board baggage compartments. Baggage which we considers to exceed the weight and dimensions specified, will not be carried on board.
    Musical instruments which exceed the dimension limit for unchecked hand but weight under seventy five (75) kilograms can be carried on board if passengers have purchased extra seats and paid applicable charges for them.

  • How many pieces or kilograms of allowance baggage (free of charge) can I check?

    SkyBoss fare type has a free baggage allowance of 30kgs, Deluxe fare type has a free baggage allowance of 20kgs, but  Eco class fare type is NOT included allowance checked baggage. You can purchase checked baggage directly on our website or send us an email to book.

  • How can I do if I completed check-in but was present late at boarding gate?

    To ensure that flight be on time, passengers are required to be present at boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the departure time. The boarding gate will be closed 15 minutes before the departure time. We do not have any responsibility for late reason.

  • When the check-in counter closed for checking?

    Domestic flights: 40 minutes before the departure time. International flights: 50 minutes before the departure time

  • I lost my ID card, which other documents can I use for traveling?

    You can use other valid documents such as: Military ID card, driver's licenses, jounalist card, passport,e.g...

  • Do I need to show my e-ticket when I check-in at the airport?

    Passengers need to show e-ticket or booking code when check-in at the airport.

  • I could not complete web check-in process, what should I do?

    In this case, Passengers please be present at the check-in counter on time.

  • After completing checking in online, what I need to do at the airport?

    After completing checking in online, passengers need to proceed:
    - If passengers want to check baggage or do not issue boarding pass in advance, they must be at counter at least 50 minutes before departure time to check baggage and issue boarding pass due to the counter will be closed 40 minutes before departure time. WEB CHECK-IN COUNTER is opened to serve passengers who make self check-in. After completing, passengers continue to security area, waiting lounge and then board to the aircraft.
    - If passengers do not have baggage for checking-in and issue boarding pass by themselves, they can proceed to security area, waiting lounge and then board to the aircraft. Passengers please be present at the boarding gate 30 minutes before the departure time, the boarding gate will be closed 15 minutes before the departure time.
    Passengers who self-check online by using Vietjet mobile application, can use the boarding pass from mobile device, no need to print out boarding pass.

  • Why can't I check in online?

    There are several possible reasons why you may not be able to check in online:
    - Passengers may require Medical/ Special Assistance.

    - Unaccompanied Minors

    - Passengers traveling in a group of more than 9 persons in same reservation
    - Passengers may travel on flights operated by other airlines.
    - Passengers’ bookings may be not confirmed.
    - Passengers’ tickets may be not paid.
    - Passengers may enter incorrect information
    - Passengers may not do online check-in from 24 hours to 1 hours before scheduled departure time.

  • Can I check-in online for my group of 10 person?

    Self check-in is not available in case of a booking has more than 9 passengers.

  • When can I check-in online for my flights?

    Online check-in is available from 24 hours up to 01 hours before the flight departure time.

  • Which flights can I check-in online?

    Currently, online check-in apply is only available 24hrs before scheduled departure time & it's available in some airports only. If you need any assistance, please contact us for more information.

  • Can I check-in online with wheelchair service request?

    Currently, online check-in does not apply for passengers with special services requests. Thus, passengers with special services are required to contact us to register service at least 24h before departure.

  • My booking is not confirmed, can I check-in online?

    Online check-in is applicable only for passengers have a valid ticket with confirmed booking.

  • What is Online check-in?

    Online check-in is a convenient service that allows passengers to online check-in their flights with any devices that can connect to the Internet and access to Vietjet website. With online check-in function, passengers are able to choose available seats on flight and other services by themselves.

Special Assistances
  • Does Vietjet carry pessenger requring stretcher?

    Vietjet has not yet provided stretcher service.

  • Can each adult travel with 2 infants under 2 years old?

    Each adult only travels with 01 INF and INF sits on an adult’s lap.

  • How can I require for wheelchair assistance?

    Passengers with reduced mobility and require wheelchair assistance, passengers are required to make request at least 24 hours before departure time. Because of the safety reason, The maximum number of passengers requiring wheelchair on each flight is limited depend on individual service. Vietjet does not provide wheelchair equipment on board.
    In some cases, the airline may require passengers travel with accompany if passengers are unable to exit in emergency or can not understand the safety instructions in flight. For accompanied passengers, the airline requires from 18 years of age or older and healthy enough to assist WCHS passengers up/down steps and on board.

  • How is the conditions of acceptance for infant?

    Vietjet refuse carriage infants under 14 days of birth.
    Infants from 14 days of birth to under 2 years old on the day of departure: Each adult traveling with 01 INF and INF sits on an adult’s lap.

  • Do you accept that children travel alone?

    Vietjet do not provide Unaccompanied minors services for children, who aged from 02 years to under 12 years on the date of departure, traveling alone.
    Passengers aged from 12 years to under 14 years on the date of departure, traveling alone (YPTA), are accepted with conditions: Accept carriage YPTA only on domestic flights; Requests must be made at least 24 hours before departure time via VietJet Ticketing offices and Call center; YPTA are accepted carriage provide Parents/ Guardian complete the Registration for young passenger travel alone form and sign the waiver of responsibility form; YPTA are required to have someone to take/ pick up at departure and arrival terminal.

  • I am a pregnant, can I travel by plane?

    Passengers who are pregnant must notify the airlines of their pregnancy when they purchase tickets and at check-in counters. The carriage of pregnant women depends on the following conditions:
    a. Women under 27th week of their pregnancies need to provide to the medical certificate for confirming the number of weeks of pregnancy and must sign consent forms at check-in to exclude any liability on our side for any arising circumstances.
    b. Women between the 27th and 32nd week of their pregnancies must:
    - Present the confirmations from doctors which state the duration of their pregnancies and their health eligible to fly. The confirmation must be issued within seven (7) days of the scheduled departures of the outward or inward leg of flight, depending on the actual circumstances; and
    - Sign consent forms at check-in to disclaim any liability on our side for any arising circumstances.
    c. Women who are pregnant for more than 32 weeks are not to be carried on our services due to safety reason.