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Hanoi to Taipei flight schedule

FAQs - Booking Vietnam Flights

  • What is the cheapest day to fly to Taipei from Hanoi?

    We found 26 May, 2024 the cheapest day of the week to fly to Taipei from Hanoi, the average fare is $50 from Hanoi US per person which is 37% lower than other days.

  • What is the average flight time from Hanoi to Taipei?

    Non-stop flight time between Hanoi and Taipei is 2h 55m (Distance: 1635.87 km or 1016.48 Miles). Please note Taipei is 1.0 hours ahead of Hanoi

  • How many flights per week are there between Hanoi and Taipei on Vietjet Air?

    Vietjet Air currently operates 3 flights per week.

  • How much is the fare?

    The lowest Vietjet Air fares for flights between Hanoi (HAN) to Taipei (TPE) is from $50 US per adult.